g-burns“Happiness is a good martini, a good dinner, a good cigar and a good woman; or a bad woman, depending on how much happiness you can stand!”

– George Burns –



ASC-logoBack in 1999, at the insistance of both my wife and my physician, I stopped smoking cigarettes after 30 years. I used the patch, and an occasional Dutch Masters cigar, to get me thru those tough times. Since then, I have found a new love… the love of a premium quality, long-filler, hand-rolled cigar. In learning all I could about quality cigars, with all their associated accessories and ceremonial-like routines, I found a rather large quantity of information on the internet. On this site, I’ve tried to provide links or information that I found extremely helpful in that learning process. Hopefully, you will find it useful and informative. So sit back, fire up a stick and enjoy! The link to the left is for the ‘Alt.Smokers.Cigars’ newsgroup, and the one to the right is for the ‘Internet Cigar Group’ website! Many more links are provided below!

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