Kummler Family

Heraldry of the Kummler Family

As well as Kumler, Cumbler, Coomler & Various Other Spellings


Blazon: Azure, On A Chief Vert Three Mullets Argent, An Anchor Or.

(Meaning: A green top section with three silver stars, on a blue shield with a gold anchor.)

The BLAZON is the actual wording (as above); the HERALDRY is the actual markings on the shield or other background; the COAT-OF-ARMS includes the shield, the helmet and other assorted items around the shield.

Many “Thanks” to Mr. David Coomler of Portland, Oregon. It was during a trip that he made to Canton Basel, Switzerland to visit the few remaining Kummler’s still living there that he “discovered” the family coat-of-arms.

Research-to-date into the heraldry shows that the gold anchor means that the person that was originally awarded these colors was of the rank “Lord High Admiral”, and the green chief was an “Augmentation of Honour” with the three stars being an indication of either why the honor was bestowed upon the individual or of the identity of the person that bestowed the honor. The “Admiral” has not yet been identified!

David also relayed information from research done by a Robert Stager that the family had origins in a French Huguenot family named “Colombe” (French for Dove) from the southern coast of France. Believed to have migrated to the Alsace region during the persecution of the Huguenots, the name was slowly changed amongst their German-speaking neighbors first to “die Colomber”, and then to Kumbler, and finally to Kummler. The Alsace region is located across the border from both the Baden-Wuerttemberg region of Germany where the “Swiss” Kummler’s are said to have originated, and from the Canton Basel region of Switzerland.